Apple HomePod Mini Lineup Adds Three New Colors

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  • Oct 22,2024
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Apple will soon offer the HomePod mini in three new colors. Blazoned during the company's Unleased event on Monday, the new unheroic, orange, and blue colorways will join the being white and space, argentine models, in November. The price will remain unchanged at$ 99 in the US.

Apple first blazoned the HomePod mini last fall. As you'd anticipate, the speaker comes with deep integration with the company's other products. In addition to Siri support, its erected-in U1ultra-wideband chip allows you to snappily and fluently handoff audio from your iPhone to the speaker. It's also possible to pair two HomePod minis for stereo sound.

Another option is to play the same audio on different HomePod minis in multiple apartments. All of that makes for a compelling smart speaker, especially if you've formerly invested in other Apple tackle.

This said, that it's not equal to bias like the Amazon Echo, which offers better value for the same quantum of a plutocrat.

Apple is catching up with the competition then. Google’s Nest Mini smart speakers have blue and orange options, and there’s also a blue Amazon’s Echo Fleck, plus some fun beast-themed colors offered on the Echo Fleck Kids Edition.

The Mini will work with the new Apple Music Voice subscription, which Apple also blazoned at the event. This is a cheaper league of Apple’s music streaming service that you pierce only via the Siri voice adjunct, although there will be a limited app option; it arrives latterly this time for$4.99 per month.

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