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  • Jan 16,2022
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Google implements new features every year in the latest Android built. Last year we had Android 10 or Android Q loaded with a lot of AI-powered features. As per a report, Android 10 is running on a lot of devices as compared to Android Pie. Keeping a similar trend, Google will be releasing the Beta version of Android 11 or Android R in March. Before the release as we know there are rumors everywhere. So in this trend, we have some upcoming Android 11 Features that are surely needed to be shared.

As these are rumors and notes obtained on the Internet we are not sure whether they will make a way to final build or not. But for now, we can assume these features of Android 11 be there in the initial builds.

1. Bluetooth ON in Airplane Mode

We know that in airplane mode, each and every radio is shut down to conserve resource which is not in use. But as per now Bluetooth also turns OFF automatically. This is not helpful for people with Bluetooth headsets. As they travel, they turn on Airplane mode and everything goes OFF.

Android 11 Features

In an XDA thread, we came to know that in upcoming Android 11 we might see Always-on Bluetooth in Airplane mode. Here Always-on means Bluetooth will not turn OFF itself when switching ON airplane mode.

2. Secured Document folder

Same as DigiLocker Wallet issued by the Government of India for fetching and holding all the documents of the users in his or her device. Similarly, Google will implement this in which the user can store their documents securely in his or her device. What makes it different from DigiLocker is the fact that Google and Qualcomm will be bringing in hardware-backed security that should make it even safer.

Android 11 Features

Yes, Qualcomm and Google together will work on this. Initially, this will work on devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 (released yesterday). But we might be seeing this feature on other devices as time progress.

3. Long Screenshot / Extended Screenshot

This Android 11 feature is something that people are demanding from the last several builds. Google will be finally including an option for a long screenshot in the upcoming Android 11 built. A Google Engineer Dave Burke has mentioned this in a tweet. So we are hoping that this feature will make its way to the final stable built.

These are some Android 11 features that we know until now. It’s a long time to wait for the final built, so we will be adding new features for Android 11 or Android R as they came out. So stay tuned.

What features do you expect to find on Android 11 and what would you like Google to implement? Share your ideas in the comments section below this article.

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