AMD's big cards series RDNA2 which were unveiled last year he Radeon RX 6900 XT ($1,000), RX 6800 XT ($650), and the RX 6800 ($580). Now the company is planning to launch more GPU in the series i.e. RX-6000 series. The event corresponding to this will take place on March 3 at the “Where Gaming Begins: Episode 3” event (Ep. 1 brought the desktop Ryzen 5000 CPUs, Ep. 2 was the RX 6800 launch).

The image posted by the company shows the card with a twin fan setup in same mode, which is contrary to three like the higher-end cards. Most probably, this would be a Radeon RX-6700 card. We’ll likely see vanilla and an XT card again, based on the Navi 22 chips. These cards will be positioned against Nvidia’s mid-range offerings.

The GeForce RTX 3060 ($330) is set to become available later today, but due to the poor supply chain, this would cause some issues in the availability of the card. This is also the case for the RTX 3060 Ti ($400), which seems to be sold out in most places (and is listed at well above MSRP). The Where Gaming Begins: Ep. 3 event will start at 16:00 UTC on March 3 and will likely be a pre-record presentation like the previous episodes.


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