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Alphabet project 'Wolverine' super hearing ability

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  • Mar 18,2024
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Alphabet X revealed it has been working on a top-secret project since 2018 called 'Wolverine,' it's developing a device that gives users super-human hearing. The in-ear device would be packed with sensors and powered by algorithms. However, it is not yet clear if Alphabet will ever release it to the public.


The project, which is internally named "Wolverine“ is a nod to the comic-book mutant's heightened sense of hearing. said four former employees familiar with the details, who asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak to the press. One source said another team is working on a face-worn device code-named "Heimdallr," named after the all-seeing. All-hearing Norse god Are you a current or former Alphabet employee with more to shore. One recalled a meeting where a Wolverine team member emphasized that the project needed to go beyond speech segregation.  

Inside Story

The team is looking to build a successful business with multiple devices and models, so if they’re successful, you might start wearing Google-owned hearing aids. Alphabet’s X lab is reportedly not focusing on creating a single version of Wolverine or a sole case. It’s instead aiming to build a successful product based on different models. That team has managed to isolate sounds through a “sound separation engine,” which adapts to wearers’ environments.


A lot of the early work has been on "nailing the physics. “including the placement of the microphones, one of the former employees said. But sources stressed that Wolverine may not be just one device or application, should it become a successful business. Alphabet X's moonshot factory is working on a new project codenamed 'Wolverine,' which is a wearable that gives users super-human hearing through an in-ear, sensor-packed device (stock).


The device is supposed to be able to isolate a person's voice in a crowded room. They’ve already iterated on the device multiple times, including devices that covered the whole ear and others that protruded from above the ear. These iterations have been large because the team incorporates lots of microphones into the build, but newer versions are smaller, Insider says.

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