YouTube ShortCuts : Control your Video Player using Keyboard

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  • May 14,2020
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Google’s Video website i.e YouTube is one of the most used Video-Sharing-Viewing platforms worldwide. And like all the players available in the market it will not be complete if it lacks all sorts of useful buttons and hidden commands. These commands aren't immediately obvious. You can use these shortcuts cheatsheet to quickly navigate yourself through YoutTube and gain better control over your video browsing experience.

These built-in keyboard shortcuts for YouTube work for any operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. Unfortunately, they aren’t customizable.

Playback Control

  • Mute/Unmute: M
  • Speed Up Playback Rate: >
  • Slow Down Playback Rate: <
  • Raise Volume (In Full-Screen Mode or If Video Is Focused): UP Arrow
  • Lower Volume (In Full-Screen Mode or If Video Is Focused): DOWN Arrow

Interface Navigation

  • Activate the Highlighted Button: Space
  • Move Between H1 Headers:
  • Go To YouTube Search Bar: /
  • Go To Previous Video in Playlist: Shift+P
  • Go To Next Video in Playlist: Shift+N
  • Toggle Full Screen: F (Esc also exits full-screen mode)
  • Toggle Closed Captions and Subtitles: C
  • Launch Mini player: I
  • View Hotkeys: Shift+?

Video Navigation

  • Rewind 10 Seconds: J
  • Fast-Forward 10 Seconds: L
  • Rewind 5 Seconds: LEFT Arrow
  • Fast-Forward 5 Seconds: RIGHT Arrow
  • Play/Pause: K (or Space, unless a button is highlighted)
  • Go To Next Frame (While Paused):,
  • Go To Previous Frame (While Paused):.
  • Go To Beginning: Home or 0
  • Go To End: End
  • Go To 10-90%: 1-9

These shortcuts can be very helpful if you know them. Especially to those whose mouse is not working or who don't prefer to use the trackpad in their respective laptops. Many modern keyboards also come with media buttons for rewinding, fast-forwarding, and pausing your content. Even though YouTube is built to work with all of these media keys, but their application may vary depending on the browser, operating system, and keyboard you’re using. Sadly we can't customize these shortcut keys as per our liking.


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