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Xiaomi launches humanoid robot similar to Tesla Bot

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  • Sep 16,2022
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The humanoid robot walked across the stage and appeared to be communicating with Lei Jun, the company’s CEO. Forget about that crazy-thin foldable phone from earlier. Xiaomi just beat Tesla to unveil a working humanoid robot prototype at a live event earlier today, and yes, it looks awfully familiar.

The CyberOne is the second product coming out of the Xiaomi Robotics Lab, after the CyberDog from August 2021. The humanoid machine has a face in the form of a curved OLED panel, it can see the world in 3D, and hear with two microphones to identify "85 types of environmental sounds and 45 classifications of human emotion."

Xiaomi is ahead of Tesla in developing a robot that works like a human. But the design of his CyberOne robot is very similar to “Optimus,” as Musk calls the Tesla Bot.

Tesla is expected to reveal more details about its robot in September at the automaker’s second annual AI Day. Elon Musk say Tesla hopes to have an Optimus prototype ready by then. The event will be held on September 30. Until then, Xiaomi’s new robot can give an insight into what to expect from the Tesla Bot.


While the unveiling of Tesla’s robot featured a man in a spandex suit, Musk also shared several images of the concept design at last year’s AI event. Like Tesla’s Optimus, the CyberOne is 1.80 meters tall. The robot also has the same black-and-white, minimalist design, including an LED screen instead of a face. However, CyberOne seems to be bigger.

Allegation on Xiaomi

The Chinese company is known for stealing the designs of other technology companies. Over the past decade, the company has released smartphones with constant internal updates that are almost indistinguishable from Apple’s iPhone and iOS apps. In 2014 the suspect Johnny Ive, Apple’s former chief design officer, Xiaomi of “theft”. Xiaomi co-founder Lin Bin denied it at the time.

Last year Xiaomi wished Apple up and become the world’s second-largest smartphone seller by mobile shipments. In the last quarter, the company has seen its profits drop by more than 80 percent. The company suffered from strict lockdown measures in China against the coronavirus, which greatly affected smartphone sales. A few smartphones were also sold worldwide.

Unlike Tesla, Xiaomi doesn’t seem to have any plans to launch a CyberOne of some sort a human butler to change. In its press release, the company says the robot will “lead to more use cases in other areas,” stressing that the robot will function more as a marketing tool than an actual product


Despite the surprise live demo, Lei said that for now, each CyberOne would cost somewhere in the range of 600,000 to 700,000 yuan (about $89,100 to $104,000), so it'll be a while before his company deems it suitable for mass production, if ever.

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