What is Google Play System Updates

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  • Sep 16,2024
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Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems. Being open-source making it secure is always an important task for Google. For-giving best out of the system, Google provides major updates to the system that changes the look and feel of the device.

What is google play system updates

By the arrival of Android 10 (Project: Mainline), we have seen new Google Play Systems updates that have been added to the device. These updates are for the selected 12 modules. These modules are selected by Google for regular security patches. Regardless of the manufacturer, these updates are provided by Google itself.

Now, the manufacturer will be focusing on Android major updates and Security patches and Google system Updates will be given directly from Google. Both security patches and Google Play Systems updates are different from each other.

Talking about the importance of Google Play System updates, it has helped with the Stagefright security bug in 2015. Stagefright was an attack on a multimedia player component in Android. The media framework is one of the 12 components that can be updated through Google Play System Updates. Many devices were never patched to protect against Stagefright because it required a firmware update.

The most interesting thing about google play system updates is that they do not require any firmware update. Google can easily update them in patches. Generally, these are updated via settings, in case you want to do it manually if an update is available.

Check the version of Google Play System in Android

To check for the version and update Google Play System,

1. Go to settings

2. Tap on the security section

3. Tap on Google Play System and hit check for update.

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