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  • Dec 17,2024
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Android is a wide platform. There are many Applications and Games that are available on the Google Play Store. We sometimes get confused to download the best Application for us. We have given some Android Apps that would be useful in your daily life. We want you to have the Top Android App (s) which should be useful for you.

Top Android App (s) to Download

1.In shorts

In shorts is a NEWS delivering Application. Reading NEWS enhances General Knowledge of the reader. We all have newspapers to read so, what makes In shorts different from conventional Newspaper reading. The main highlight of this Android App is that it provides news in just 60 words. This Android App provides news in every field. Select your desired field and get the latest update in just 60 words. Reading such a precise content is great. So just So forward and download this Android App onto your smartphone.

2. PicsArt

We all love to click pictures as selfies with great sceneries and positions. The fact is that we all don't have high-end smartphones with a great camera. So, sometimes we can feel that our picture is not up to the mark. We think of ways to improve our pictures so that we can upload t on our Social Media accounts. Another fact is also that we all do not have the knowledge of advanced photo editing skills and can use applications like Photoshop. So, PicsArt would be better for you. PicsArt provides a user-friendly interface so that an unskilled person can also use it like a Pro. PicsArt can beautify your pictures to a great extent that would be really cool. So, go ahead and download this Android App and start editing your pictures.


Questioning and Answering is the best way of learning anything. Quora works just the same. You can post your questions related to anything and you would get a satisfactory answer soon. Quora is the best platform to get answers quickly. This will help you to grow more and enhance your knowledge.

Just like Quora, Medium is another Android App or website. Medium is slightly different from Quora. In Quora, we post our questions and in return, we get the answers. In the case of Medium, people post their experience about anything. You can read out their experience and decide the best thing for you.

These two Android Apps are great for learning purpose. So, go ahead and install them and start learning.

4. Evernote

The Internet has widespread. Almost Everyone in the world can access the Internet. We encounter many things while surfing the web. Many things are not worth remembering but some of them are needed to be remembered. Things like addresses of places, contact numbers found online etc are needed to be remembered. We can remember them by the conventional method of repeating things so, that our mind can retain those things. But we know we all do not have that much remembering power. So, Evernote will help you out. Evernote is a note making Android app that would help you to note the important things online as well as offline. Offline means that you can even use the app to note your daily routine schedule. So, just download this Android App and forget about remembering things.

5. Show box

The Internet is accessible by almost the whole world. But the speed of accessing the internet is not equal everywhere. We surf the internet not only for knowledge but we want some entertainment as well. For this, we watch videos online and try to get free from Boredom. We stream the video online but face the problem of buffering. The video keeps on buffering when we try to view it in high resolution. So, to avoid buffering we lower the resolution and stream it. Thanks to Showbox Android App, this App helps us to download and store videos in our smartphones in HD quality so that we can watch our favourite shows anywhere and anytime.

6. PUBG (Player's Unknown Battleground)

There are many Games which come and gets old but PUBG is one of the legend Android Games. We don't think that you need any introduction to this Game. If it is so then you might be busy somewhere else. The whole world is crazy about this Game. The Game servers get crashed whenever they release any new feature. But for new ones, this is a multiplayer game


We have seen Android App (s) which people use to keep them physically fit. These App let the user know about their diet and physical exercises. Similar to these Apps, Headspace is an Android App that is developed by Buddhist Monk. This App will help you keep you mentally fit. This App has different packages to ensure a total workout of your brain. The app includes lessons like Focus, Health, Creativity etc.

8. Healthyfyme

Headspace is a great Android application that will help you to enhance your brain capabilities. This Healthyfyme App is just another useful application that would help you with your Physical health. In today's world, physical health is the main criteria for judging. To maintain good physical health is a hard task. People work hard to get a good physique. This Android App help in this. This Application will maintain a record of your calorie intake, physical workouts etc. This is a worth top Android app to give a try.

9. Any Books

Books are good friends of everyone. Reading is one of the popular hobbies of people. People with this habit of love to read different books and texts. For those who have this type of hobby would this Android App. Any books Application gives people options to read different books and enjoy their own world of peace.

10.Digi locker

Managing official documents are a hassle for everyone. We are always worried about our documents that are needed by us in future. Handling documents for a long time is somewhat a difficult task. So, to reduce this you can use this Android App called DigiLocker. This App will save all your documents in the cloud and keep them secure. As it saves your document in the cloud you can access your documents anytime and anywhere. The Indian government is now giving a copy official document directly in the Digi locker account. Using this application is an easy task but you need to verify your AADHAR card with your DigiLocker.

So, these are some top Android App (s) that we think you should try on. These apps will help you out in all ways. These apps cover all your needs. You can use apps for entertain, knowledge and chill out. So, go and try all the apps and comment on your experience down.

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