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Tesla Smartphone Model-Pi (π) launching soon

There are a lot of speculations about Tesla’s mobile phone in the tech world. Tech and mobile phone enthusiasts are brimming with many questions, such as what is the Tesla mobile phone release date, what will be the phone’s price, etc.

Let’s begin with a quick walkthrough of what specifications and key features the visionary Tesla smartphone is expected to have. Here, we share all that we know about the Tesla phone Model Pi from authentic sources and information floating in the tech arena.

Architecture modeling

The name Tesla seems synonymous with innovative inventions. It often comes up with products that take the world by storm. The list of Tesla’s crazy but useful ideas starts with electric cars and goes to supercharger stations, residential battery systems, portable car showrooms, and a lot more.

Is the Tesla smartphone coming for real, when it may be available to buy, and what may be its features, read on to know the answers to these and all other questions you may have about the device. And now the Tesla phone, expected to be named Model Pi/P is also rumored to be around the corner.

Specifications and Design

A lot of techies are making all sorts of assumptions about what the Tesla phone may look like and its specifications. No official information has come so far from the house Tesla about the phone’s specs.

Storage: 1 to 2 TB

RAM: Around 16 GB

Display: AMOLED

Size size: Approx 6.5 inches

Apart from this, the smaller notch may contain a front camera, an earpiece, and all other sensors. Moving the features of Tesla mobile, they are most likely to be groundbreaking. Let’s have a closer look at them. This alphabet is thought to be “Q” denoting the Quadra concept that became the Model Pi. Talking about the design of the Tesla mobile phone Model Pi, it is expected to have small side bezels and a notch like iPhone X.

Features of Tesla Phone Model Pi

As per the information circulating in the tech world, the Tesla mobile phone may have the following breakthrough features.

  1. Neuralink

The Neuralink technology focuses on making an extremely high bandwidth channel that links your brain and computer with each other. People at Tesla say they are “designing the first neural implant that will let you control a computer or mobile device anywhere you go.”

  1. Starlink compatibility

How amazing would it be to use your mobile phone even on Mars? Well, it seems impossible at present. But the Tesla mobile phone Model Pi can definitely make it possible with its Starlink support.   

  1. Solar charging

Here is another sunny side of having a Tesla mobile. You can use a Tesla case to charge your phone using solar power. It is a highly anticipated feature because the company already makes solar panels and vehicles.

  1. Cryptocurrency mining

Elon Musk has been quite vocal about cryptocurrency in the past. We don’t think anyone can forget his world-famous tweet that led to an approximately 60% surge in crypto named Dogecoin.  

  1. Car control

With the Tesla phone model Pi, you can even control your car. The phone is expected to come with a pre-installed application to perform functions, such as media playback control, locking/unlocking the vehicle, etc.

  1. Astronomical photography

Talking about the camera features, the Tesla smartphone may also support astrophotography. With the technology embedded into this device’s camera, you may be able to capture stunning shots of astronomical objects.

Price range


With so many out-of-world features and highly-advanced technology, the Tesla phone price may not have a regular smartphone price. You may expect it to be priced somewhere between $800 to $1200. It is surely going to be one of the most expensive smartphones to buy in the coming time.

Expected Release Date

Some techies anticipate the release of the Tesla mobile in 2022. However, considering the unbelievable-looking features and technology the device is expected to offer, we do not think the Tesla phone will be available for sale before 2030. Any claim about its release prior to 2030 seems just another rumor floating around.


That was all about the Tesla mobile phone’s specifications, features, price, and release date. At this point, not much is known about the phone. However, we attempted our best to fetch as much authentic information as possible for our readers.


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