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Social Media Strategy To Boom Your Social Media Game

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  • Jul 23,2024
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Social media isn’t only for sharing a snapshot of your entrée or a selfie at the beach. For business owners, it’s a strong tool for promoting your brand, driving traffic to your website and establishing a reputation that your competition can’t ignore.

 Here are a few Social Media Do’s and Don’ts to achieve your business goals and objectives. With these rules in mind, you can tweet, comment, post and snap confidently knowing that you’re on the proper track.

The Do’s

  • Make a posting schedule

Scheduling is an awesome way to clear up free time and ensure that your content is being seen at peak times. Manually scheduling all of your Facebook posts, Instagram photos and Tweets is EXHAUSTING! This is seen that many social media channels that are being run by business owners come up with a bang, posting now and then, and afterwards quickly lose interest and ultimately abandon their profiles. Thus, it’s essential to have a posting schedule. There are a lot of tools out there for you to choose from to schedule your content. Social media tools like Buffer, Hootsuite and Sendible can remove a great part of the legwork out of memorizing when to post. These platforms let you load content into their “hopper” for posting at a later date and time. 


  • Set the right frequency

 Conventional wisdom has long held that posting at least once every day is the gold standard, there is no hard-and-fast rule to optimizing your frequency. Rather, you should just focus on a frequency that you can consistently sustain long-term. It may be difficult to create seven days’ worth of original content for publication every week. If you can only manage two pieces of content, then commit to just posting twice a week. The important part is that you stick to the schedule week in and week out. “Content is Fire, Social Media is Gasoline.” Great content creates audience disproportionate to the other things in marketing that you’re doing. Moreover, posting too frequently will annoy your followers. This will lead to people unfollowing you and your posts getting lost in the social media algorithms. Posting several times a day can also come across as spammy, and nobody likes to be spammed on social media or otherwise.


  • Vary your post type

Your social media feeds should include some degree of variation. The same old 3:4 aspect ratio photo style can get monotonous, and some of your followers may start skipping over your content without engaging with it if they’re tired of your format. Your followers expect that brands alter deals and discounts. Consider targeted ads and retargeting campaigns on Social Media platforms to take into account your followers’ demands or suggestions. Try posting an even mix of the following:

  • Regular square photos.
  • Vertically oriented photos.
  • Horizontal (landscape) photos.
  • Videos.
  • Gallery posts.

Also, think twice before posting on any hot and controversial topics like politics, gender or religious aspects. It might influence your relationships with your followers, customers, sellers, and others in the online community.  


The Don’ts

  • Don’t give into trolls

Never waste your time, energy and creativity engaging with useless and negative thoughts. You could be using the same time in building your brand and helping your customers. Generally, popular social media accounts are bound to run into troublemakers who post provocative content merely to annoy the account owner. If you encounter a social media troll who makes disapproving or offensive comments, delete the comment and report the user. If left unattended or, worse, if they are approached with revengeful comments, then the reputation of your business can be put in hazard.



  • Don’t leave your followers out

Be active on all your social media accounts and respond on time to your followers and customers. Ignoring your audience can damage your brand and may lead to missing opportunities. Also, advancing user-generated content around your brand is probably the most ideal approaches to create buzz online. Best of all, it requires little (if any) extra work on your part. For example, you can throw a social media giveaway contest for those who post the best snap using your product. To keep your brand at the top of your followers’ minds, you can easily provide daily Instagram, Facebook and even Snapchat story updates. These posts take a fraction of the time required to make a full post and can be used to share special moments throughout your day or to announce updates.

dos and donts



Putting Together Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

A succinct strategy will help your brand tackle its goals with a sense of purpose.  Social media marketing is about developing visibility, personality and community for your brand. Social media marketing strategies include setting meaningful market goals, knowing your target audience, analysing your competition, creating engaging content, etc. By following the do’s and don’ts listed above, you can build a set of basic ground rules for your business’s next social media marketing strategy. 

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