PUBG’s Free-To-Play Update !

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  • Jan 19,2024
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Player Unknown’s Battlefields – PUBG Battlefields, if you’re fancy – is going a free-to-play coming week with oodles of new and reworked features. Alongside two new in-game tutorials and bettered training modes, you’re getting new political particulars to change the way you play.

The political gear will take up your primary armament niche, which Krafton hopes will lead to further creative long-term strategies from players. You can use a drone to scout ahead and pick up particulars without facing direct combat, though other players can shoot it down. However, it’ll bus- airman towards your position in a straight line unless you fancy piloting it yourself If you recall your flying jigger.

You can also maraud the new EMT gear from beaters if you fancy taking up the part of a healer on your platoon. The politic gear comes with myriad unresistant suckers that’ll let you heal or revive a teammate in three seconds. Tapes and first aid accouterments will also heal players to maximum health. Two heaps of tapes will generate alongside EMT gear, though you can use your supporter’s mending particulars when advancing them a hand.

You’re also getting two new tutorial modes. The first one will take you through the basics, like character movement and mending particulars. The alternate bone is an AI training mode that involves going head-to-head against 99 other bots to find your meter.

Krafton has also made some additions to the training mode. The platoon noticed that players would shoot at a wall to exercise aiming, so the devs have enforced a proper practice range.

PUBG’s15.2 update is on the public test garçon on PC now, so you can give some of these features a whirl before they go live on January 12.

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