PUBG Planet Size Map Revealed By Developers

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  • Feb 24,2024
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The new time is nearly then, and Krafton has released the first look of a new chart coming to PUBG New State in 2022.

In a Happy New Year communication, the inventor revealed that it was working on a new battlefield that will launch in mid-2022. While details about it weren’t revealed, it appears to have a rough terrain with foliage and mountains.

Krafton is also releasing two charts, Kiki and Tiger, into PUBG Battlefields soon. Grounded on the images, the new chart doesn’t appear to act either of these.

Presently, PUBG New State has two battle royale charts, the exclusive Troi and an upgraded interpretation of Erangel. Both are 8 × 8 kilometers in size. Krafton hasn’t revealed what the size of the forthcoming chart to New State will be.

The inventor also revealed that it was working on a “lot of new content” which will be released in 2022. The first of these will come out in the first two months of coming time. Further details will be released latterly.

PUBG New State was released over a month agone, but players have been complaining of connection issues, optimization problems, and bugs in the game. Several updates have been released to fix these issues.

Krafton promised players moment that one of its main precedences coming time is to continue making updates and advancements to the game. The inventor said that it aims to do this through “open and transparent communication” with the players.

Krafton has also released a new time gift which can be claimed until Jan. 10. Players can redeem the “HAPPYNEWSTATE” pasteboard law to get six Chicken Orders and three Royal Casket Tickets.



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