PUBG Mobile Lite Download Now !!!

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  • Dec 02,2023
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PUBG Lite is finally here !! Less than a month after PUBG Lite for PC beta version was launched for India users, Tencent Games has released the Mobile version of it.

PUBG Mobile Lite version is available on play store of 490MB only. It is specially designed for devices that have less than 2 GB of RAM.

PUBG Lite is launched with toned down graphical fidelity in comparison to its original. Tencent has changed the game a little bit but it will not reduce your gaming experience.

In the lite version, users will get a smaller map made for 60 players which can last up to 10 minutes, unlike the 100 in PUBG Mobile.

The players will get an enhanced aim assist, A new winner pass other than Royal pass. Bullet trail adjustment, and extended time to kill. You can now heal yourself while moving. Map quality is also improved.

A brief look at the PUBG Mobile Lite revealed that the players will get only two server options in the form of Asia and South America, unlike six in PUBG Mobile. The number of game modes is also limited to just two – Classic and Arcade with just one map each. Also, first-person play is not supported in the lite version.

Good news for the new users is that all the new players joining in will be eligible for various rewards, in the form of new gears and vehicles.

If you are switching from PUBG Mobile to PUBG Lite than you must have to change some settings.

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