PUBG Mobile Korean Version Will Be Unplayable in India Starting from June 30

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  • Apr 18,2024
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Last Year Indian Government has put a ban on PUBG Mobile in view of national security due to the backing of the game by a Chinese Company Tencent. But people started finding some ways to get access to this battle royal title. People started to download the Korean version of the game in the form of APK to bypass this ban and have access. The Korean version of the game is meant for Korean and Japanese players only.

Now, PUBG’s parent company Krafton Inc. has announced that it will restrict access to the PUBG Mobile Korean build for Indian players starting from June 30.

The developers covey the message of restriction through the official Instagram Post, where they have mentioned that the KRJP version will only be accessible to Korean and Japanese people only. Global log-in will not be allowed in the KRJP version of the game starting from May 1.

Following the said date, global players will not only be able to settle their payments but might also face network issues when they login to their accounts on the KRJP build.

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Indian players playing the KRJP version, they will not be allowed to access the game after JUNE 30, 2021. The company did not provide any reason for these changes except stating that “these changes are for a better service” and are not “related to inequality or discrimination” in the community. Though players can access their regional versions and enjoy the game, which is not the case here in India.

Being a popular title in India, after the ban huge traffic might have let the legit Korean and Japanese players hard to access the servers and enjoy the game. So, the company might have thought of clearing the servers and making it smooth for Korean and Japanese players.

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