OnePlus Labs Launch Clipt File Sharing apps, Text, Images for devices

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  • May 11,2021
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Clipt is a new application launched by the OneLabs team at OnePlus. The app enables clipboard-like functionality across multiple devices and allows you to send text, images, and files between your phones, tablets, and laptops. With Clipt, users can copy a text from their phone and paste it onto their computer seamlessly. OnePlus assures users that they don’t have the worry about the data being transferred using Clipt app. The app doesn’t even see what you send since it uses Google Drive to transfer the data between devices.

The new text, image, and file-sharing app look to eliminate the need to email yourself an image or message yourself on a chat app just to get something from one device to another. macOS users can use Clipt with the help of the Chrome extension. What do you think about the OnePlus Clipt? Do let us know in the comments below.

The only requirement for the Clipt app to transfer data between the devices is that users must have logged in to the same Google account on all the devices. Clipt requires read and write of your Google storage, but it can only download files it creates as it’s siloed.

Clipt uses your own Google Drive to transfer the data and the only prerequisite is to sign in to the devices you want to transfer files between using the same Google account. Clipt will let users transfer text, photos, and files wirelessly between smartphones, tablets, and PCs. They no longer have to look for a workaround to send text from their mobile to their laptop. Clipt uses your Google Drive account to transfer text, images, and files across devices as long as users log in with the same Google account on their devices.

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