Microsoft testing Android app store on Windows 10

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  • May 11,2021
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Microsoft is starting to roll out the Android app-mirroring feature to Insider testers on 19H1 builds via the Your Phone app, officials announced today. Users need Windows 10 PCs running Windows 10 19H1 test build 18335 or higher, and any Android phone running Android version 7.0 or newer. 

It will also be interesting to see if Microsoft offers Google Play Service support and actually offer the Google Play Store through its own Microsoft store. There's also a chance that it doesn't and instead offers its own app store like Samsung and Huawei do that house many Android applications that can run on the Windows OS.

Microsoft's iOS bridge is basically dead and not being actively updated or used by almost any (or possibly any) developers.  Microsoft showed off the ability to mirror applications running on an Android phone to a Windows 10 PC last fall.  

More information on this should be made available in the coming weeks and months as Windows comes closer to launching a new update. The company is also close to launching Windows 10X which is set to redefine the traditional Windows experience by promising seamless performance with folding and dual-screen devices.

You can use your mouse and keyboard to help you interact." He also showed a screenshot of a phone notification app that would allow Windows 10 users with the Your Phone app to get notifications from their phones in an app rather than the Action Center.

What’s Microsoft's 'Project Latte' ?

The company has toyed with the idea of bringing Android apps to Windows 10 before via a project codenamed Astoria that never saw the light of day. Project Latte aims to deliver a similar product and is likely powered by tech similar to the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Project Latte will allow app developers to bring over apps that don't already have a Windows version available. I'll be interested to see what kind of apps show up if Project Latte ever ships, as many Android apps are primarily designed for phones and are less desirable on anything larger than a phone-sized screen.


Assuming Microsoft doesn't cancel its plans with Project Latte, bringing Android apps to the platform will make Windows 10 a near-universal OS when it comes to app support. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on bringing Android apps to Windows 10? Let us know in the comments.

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