Intel Announces 12th Gen Core i9 H Series SoC

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  • Jan 03,2022
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Back in October, Intel detailed its new desktop-bound 12th- word Alder Lake chips and now it's bringing its H chips to laptops.

The new processors are grounded on a mongrel design with over to 6 performance cores and up to 8 effectiveness cores. This is the first time Intel is using this design on laptops and it promises huge earnings in performance while maintaining excellent battery life.

The new chips are grounded on Intel's bettered 10nm process and are rated at 45W (however will probably push way past that under cargo). The processors support DDR5-4800 and low-power LPDDR5-5200 RAM, which should add to the performance boost.

That performance boost is significant. Grounded on Intel's own figures, the 12th- word i9-12900HK is over to 44 fasters than its 11th-gen precursor in Puget Bench and is over to 30 briskly in Blender.

The Intel CPU also has AMD's performance Ryzen R9 5900HX and Apple's M1 Max beat on both tests.

Intel also detailed the forthcoming 12th- word chips that will come to thin and light laptops latterly in Q1. U processors, made for thinner laptops will have 2 performance and 8 effectiveness cores, while the P line, meant for more important thin-and-light laptops, will gain up to 6 performance and up to 8 effectiveness cores.

Intel's 12th- word H laptop processors will land in bias in Q1.

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