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Hero MotoCorp deals with Gogoro to launch EVs, scooters in India

This is not the first time when Hero MotoCorp has shown interest in electric scooters. The company has invested heavily in Bengaluru-based EV startup Ather Energy to better understand the Indian market. Gogoro is claimed to already have over 375,000 riders using its Gogoro Smart scooters with swappable batteries.

The deal will focus on India before expanding into Hero MotoCorp’s other markets (it serves a total of 40 countries). Details, like the first vehicle, launch cities, and pricing, will be announced later, but Luke said Gogoro and Hero MotoCorp “are deploying very rapidly.”

Gogoro’s batteries and charging stations are connected to its Gogoro Network cloud service, which monitors the condition of batteries and manages how quickly they are charged. This allows the batteries to last longer - Luke said the company has not retired any of its Smart Batteries in six years. For a traditional EV vehicle, manufacturers need to offer a charging infrastructure where commuters can visit and charge their vehicles.

Hero MotoCorp and Gogoro also have plans to go beyond India and enter other markets over time, depending on their initial journey in the country. “We designed our technology, capabilities, and business model in the hope that one day we can solicit a giant like Hero,” said Luke.


Data from the Gogoro Network also shows the company where it needs to place more stations. In India, Gogoro and Hero MotoCorp will start with densely populated areas, before adding stations based on demand, similar to Gogoro’s approach to its network in Taiwan.

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