GTA 6 maps got leaked shows smaller vice city than Los Santos

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  • May 26,2021
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A new map has appeared on the internet that claims to illustrate GTA 6 Vice City. The first version of this map contains the minimum detail about it while the new one has appeared with more details and scales. When this new map of GTA 6 is compared to Los Santos then it is concluded that the map is a little bit smaller although it has nearly the same features including two Islands.

         GTA 6 Vice City Map leaked

This map of GTA 6 represents the large areas full of patches of green grass and a river that divide the map into two land areas. There is also a large delta-like element in the middle that may be beneficial to get interesting missions and chase boats. Also, an island district with its beach along a posh urban set-up can be seen.

This GTA 6 leaked map also consists of features like military bases, airports which hints at the existence of aircraft in the game. Well, there are no aircraft in the original GTA Vice City. 

Further, the last GTA 6 leaks hinted at the arrival of a female character. Whereas, GTA 5 gave the option to choose among three characters randomly. The arrival of females could work as a cherry on top for the GTA franchise.





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