Free Fire Max Server Down Globally !

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  • Oct 30,2023
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Free Fire MAX was released widely on September 28, 2021. The newer performance of the original Free Fire is available for download for Android and iOS fiends. Soon after the game was officially released, players swarmed to their individual app stores-Google Play Store, and Apple App Store to download on their smartphones.

Notwithstanding, multiple people complain that the game isn't suitable for them and show waiter problems. Also read-How to get free Skull Rocker Bundle, McLaren Racing Loot Crate Box, Neon Punker in Free Fire Since its release, the Free Fire MAX mobile game cannot be played because it'll be maintained until 630 PM IST Tuesday.

During the preservation period, the Free Fire waiter is still unavailable. The time-out is the release of the last update-Free Fire OB30. Although the update is now available, players still face problems penetrating Free Fire MAX. Also, read-Free Fire Season 41 Elite Pass How to get free prices, prices, themes, etc.

Hours after the release, Garena stated on its sanctioned social media that the “preservation” time was due to an “enthusiastic response from nuts”. The game innovator wrote in a sanctioned post “Dear survivor, thank you for your support. Due to overdue marketplace, we're still upgrading our service to guaranty stability. I am sorry to be unfit to penetrate Free Fire MAX tonight.”

Please read-Active Free Fire redemption decalogue for Indian waiters now (October 1st) Get free diamonds, prices, etc. As for the following empty schedule, Garena corroborated that Free Fire MAX will start broadcasting at 12 o’clock IST this autumn.

In the post, the game innovator mentioned, “Please come back futurity, Free Fire MAX will be available on29/09/2021 12 PM IST.” Game innovators cracked the problem of pre-registration prices. Garena guarantees that once the waiters are available, players eligible for pre-registration prices will be fit to penetrate them within two to three days.

Until Tuesday morning, Free Fire MAX can be pre-registered from the Google Play Store. As part of the release deduction, game innovators will give free prices to players who pre-register for the game.

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