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One of the major reasons why many users prefer desktops over laptops is because they aren't very upgradable. To overcome this, a San Francisco-based company Framework has announced their first product. The problem with conventional laptops was that they only let you swap out the storage or the RAM. There's always a limit on what one can replace from a laptop and that's exactly why exceptions are always welcome. 

Framework is the modern company to try its hand at the modular laptop concept, recently announcing a 13.5-inch system that it claims will be shipping by this summer. According to them, it is a fully upgradeable thin-and-light laptop.

Nearly everything is upgradable, from RAM to storage to the battery to the keyboard. It's probably easier to mention what Framework does not let you upgrade, which is mainly the aluminum chassis that weighs roughly 2.9 pounds. Moreover, the mainboard can be replaced to enable users to update the laptop with a brand new CPU. 

Framework also enable users to configure their laptops with just the ports they need. They use an expansion card system that lets the user insert USB-B and USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort, MicroSD or other inputs or slots. The company also claims that they are working on additional modules like headphone amps and Arduino microcontrollers.

The Framework Laptop is set to ship this summer. Interested users can head to the website and click the ‘Notify Me’ button to get notified when it will be possible to get their hands on a Framework Laptop. No pricing details are out as of now.

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