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When you Should Buy Products Online and When to Avoid

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  • Mar 16,2024
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In the past few years, Online Ecommerce stores emerge at a faster rate and gain popularity among users. Stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc, gains popularity when people start buying things from them as they increase the number of goods they provide with guaranteed delivery at the minimum time of cost.

But, have you ever wondered, when you should avoid buying from an Online store and instead buy from a local dealer. So, let us have a discussion about this. We will tell you some pointers to avoid buying from online stores and reasons to buy from them.

When you should Buy From Online Stores?

Amazon Prime

Buying things from an online store is convenient and the delivery guarantee makes it a good option for the same. But there are scenarios which make them even better as compared to local stores.

1. Faster Delivery Options

It's being a while since online stores are providing one-day or same-day delivery. In case you want an item on an urgent basis, an online store can be a good option if it's not available in local stores on an urgent basis. Amazon provides fast delivery options to their Amazon Prime members. Similarly, other online stores also adopted the same model for delivering the products.

2. Multiple Items needs to be purchased

One of the most important points that make the online store better over the local one is the fact that you can easily buy multiple products from various categories and pay a combined shipping cost. And if you have a subscription such as Amazon Prime the shipping cost is zero with a faster delivery option.

3. If you have a discount card

Amazon provides an Amazon Pay Credit card and this card attracts numerous discounts and special prices. In case if you have one, then an online store would be a better option from buying cost point as compared to a local store. Also, don't forget the delivery guarantee with faster delivery options.

When you should Avoid Online Stores and Buy Direct?

Offline Store

Buying from a Local store will provide you the opportunity to physically experience the product and do a proper check-up before placing an order.

1. If you have a discount card membership

This is the same as the online discount card. In case if you have a membership card and want the product after examining it in the personnel then buying from a local store would be a boon for you.

2. If you prioritize physical checkups for the products

In case you are a person who wants their product to be checked by them before they pay for it, then you should always buy it from a local store. Moreover, buying from local stores will boost them and help them to boom their small business.

Some tips From us, to select the mode of purchasing Online or Offline:

1. Always try to compare the prices online as well as offline. There are cases when the offline cost is lower as compared to online listing without any discounts.

2. If a product was on sale in an online listing and you missed it and if it is possible then try to wait for a month or two. There are high chances that the product will go on sale again soon.

3. Try to avoid purchasing things which have huge screens such as TV or monitor from an online store. Though they maintain their logistics standard high, but there might be some cases the device may get damaged. In case you need it from an online store just make an unboxing video as proof if the damage was caused due to logistics.

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