Anti-Cheat Update for PUBG: New State; Extra Medals for Players

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  • Dec 06,2023
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PUBG New State is getting a new update this coming week which will bring a function to circumscribe infidelity and third-party programs to exploit the game in real-time, Krafton revealed on Friday. The update will also ameliorate the stoner experience by fixing issues with the gyroscope and in-game sound system. In addition to the update, Krafton blazoned that PUBG New State has surpassed the mark of 40 million downloads. It's celebrating the success by hosting a virtual party in the battle royale game and satisfying gamers with immolations including Chicken Orders and BP Random Boxes.

In a sanctioned advertisement, Krafton said the rearmost PUBG New State update will bring the function to remove players using third-party programs that help them exploit the game and gain an illegal advantage over others. The new anti-cheat medium will also enhance the restrictions, dormancy, and bans being levied on unauthorized third-party programs.

The update will also fix issues with gyroscope perceptivity and add inverted controls for the gyroscope. Also, it'll fix bugs involving virtual controls and team killings. There will also be a fix for an issue where the sound of steps wasn't harmonious in certain situations, the game publisher notes.

PUBG New State will also get a full sprint character stir for an advanced character experience. Further, the update will include fixes for issues where characters bounce back to their original positions when they walk or run on the stairs or the edge of structures, compass sights display abnormally, and a slate ball suddenly appears in the lobby. It'll also fix the plates when penetrating the game via deep links on iOS. There will also be other given bug fixes.

Exact details about when the update will reach druggies are yet to be revealed, though Krafton said that the game will suffer conservation coming week to get the changes.

Alongside the update, PUBG New State has crossed the corner of 40 million downloads worldwide. Gamers have been offered a seven-day virtual event on the game to celebrate success. It'll last until December 6 and will bring prices including three Chicken Orders on the first, fourth, and seventh day. Game players will also get BP Random Boxes on the third and fifth day of the event. There will be Troi 150 percent BP Card and Erangel 150 percent BP Card on the day second and sixth of the event, independently.

Gamers can pierce the given prices by logging into PUBG New State during the event. It's also important to mention that the prices will be time-limited and won't be available post the virtual party. PUBG New State was released before this month as the rearmost mobile game from the house of PUBG Studios. It hit 10 million downloads on Google Play in lower than a week since launch.

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