There have been many companies that have adopted the strategy to use the main camera as their selfie camera, be it with Oppo N1 or Asus Zenphone 6. Even though Oppo discontinued the design while Asus still uses it, there can be a new sheriff in town. Xiaomi applied for the patent last year which only got approved commencing this year. The patent regarding a camera design that uses an unusual hidden camera that allows you to shoot in either direction using an out of the box solution. Based on the images shared along with the patent, resource Letsgodigital has created high-quality renders of the same.

The camera modules are at the top of the smartphone and are directed upwards. A retractable mirror is used to reflect the image captured by the sensor, which can also be rotated to be used as a primary camera if it is set to be used as a front camera by default. With this system, you can take both regular photos and selfies from the same camera setup. With this, Xiaomi can completely hide the camera module when not in use, that is it is neither in the front nor at the back but in the smartphone itself.

According to the patent the camera module can be used to record videos, shoot photos, as well as to detect faces to unlock phones.

It is currently unknown if Xiaomi will be adopting the technology in any of its upcoming smartphones. 



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