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Vivo smartphone with built-in mini drone with camera

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  • Nov 28,2022
  • 3 min read
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The vivo drone camera phone is the world’s first drone camera phone. It operates on a 4G network and is able to capture aerial shots of landscapes, buildings, and events. The vivo pro drone camera phone is the latest innovation in the field of drones. The Vivo Pro drone camera phone is a smartphone that has a built-in drone. This has made it possible for people to capture high-quality videos with their smartphones and then have them fly around to take shots from different angles.

In the 3D renders designed by Sarang, it is clearly visible that the camera drone cannot be larger than approx. 5x5cm. Otherwise it would not fit at the top of the smartphone – where the pop-up camera would normally be situated. In addition, it has to be a very flat drone. After all, a smartphone is less than 1cm thick. So it really is a mini drone.

As the flying camera has to be both light and small, the flight distance will probably be limited. However, details on this are lacking in the documentation. A mini drone can have several advantages. For example, such a small drone will be much easier to take with you during vacation or a day out. Once you are done flying, you can easily store the system in your smartphone.

12 Amazing Ways in Which the Vivo Drone Camera Phone Can Change:


-It’s a great way to take selfies

-You can use it as your own personal drone

-You can capture moments that would be impossible with your hands

-It’s perfect if you’re looking to get some cool footage around your house or office

-It’s perfect if you’re looking to get some cool footage around town or at events

-It’s perfect if you’re looking to get some cool footage of the outside world

-It’s perfect for taking pics and videos of yourself to share with friends

-It’s perfect if you’re looking to get some cool footage of yourself and your friends

-It’s perfect if you’re looking to get some cool footage of your pet

-It is great to use as a camera phone because not only do you get the advantages of a drone but also those of a camera

-It is great for taking selfies because there is no need for someone else

-You can save the photos and videos on your

The current drones are all at least twice as large and heavy. The light and thin design can pose a serious problem as the wind will soon get the upper hand. Of course Vivo has designed its own unique gimbal image stabilization system, nevertheless there is a good chance that such a mini drone will have difficulty taking sharp pictures – especially as soon as there is a breeze. Moreover, such a small device is quite fragile, which increases the risk of damage and loss.

At least you don’t have to worry about the cameras getting switched, in case your friend decides to buy the same smartphone. A fingerprint sensor is placed on the removable mounting bracket, with which the camera system can be identified.



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