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Tesla Model Pi: A Mobile Phone To Mine Crypto

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  • Jan 24,2024
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Elon has got his own way to shake the world. And, now there are words in the request that Tesla is launching the Tesla Model Pi. The Smartphone with the capabilities to mine cryptocurrency.

What Is Tesla Model Pi?

The Tesla Model Pi is a futuristic smartphone with a great satiny design. The reports on the internet have claimed that this smartphone model is going to be launched soon by the electronic vehicle maker mammoth, Tesla.

Well, no sanctioned statement has been given by Tesla or Elon Musk about the release date of the model.

Tesla Model Pi Specifications


SnapDragon 898 or above

Flash Storage

2 TB




Quad Camera


Charged With Solar Power

Tesla Phone for Mars

The New Tesla Mobile Phone will be compatible with Starlink. People have suspected that the forthcoming Tesla Smartphone won't only be suitable to booby-trap the crypto but will also have the point that will link it with Starlink. Elon Musk’s mode about Mars is world known. So, there are chances that this phone will be suitable to work on Mars using the satellite function.

Tesla Phone Works with NeuraLink

The coming proposition about the Tesla Model Pi is linked with the Neuralink. Do you have any idea about what Neuralink is? If not also you can click on the link handed. In simple words, Nuraink is the chip that's placed inside the mortal brain, and humans can use the chip to control the bias. People have been assuming that the new Tesla Phone will have the point to connect the device to the brain using the Neuralink.

Tesla Model Pi Will Mine Cryptocurrency

Well, this is the most intriguing point of the new Tesla phone. We know that Elon Musk is relatively interested in Cryptos and Cryptos are going to the future of plutocrats. So, it's anticipated that the new Tesla phone will carry a point to mine crypto.

People are also over with the idea that the new Tesla Phones will be used to mine Mars Coins and store them in the phone portmanteau. Latterly these coins will be used by the people who'll visit Mars. So, the Tesla Model Pi phone will work both as the Crypto Miner and Crypto Wallet.

Tesla Model PI Release Date and Expected Price

Talking about the release date of the Tesla forthcoming phone to mine cryptocurrency also, it was anticipated to be launched by the end of 2021. But no similar news was out, so people are awaiting it in 2022.

If you look at the features mentioned above also, we can surely say that the phone won't be available until 2025 because it's a commodity that's of the future and requires time to be developed.

Coming to the anticipated price of this device also you obviously cannot anticipate the phone with similar quality and features to range in the normal smartphone range. The anticipated price of the Tesla Model Pi would range between $2,500 to $4,000


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