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Samsung to develop first auto chips for Google's Waymo autonomous self driving cars

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  • Mar 27,2024
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The auto industry is moving closer to its autonomous driving dreams with various tech and auto companies investing in self-driving projects. The project is expected to be carried out by Samsung's logic chip development division, it added. A Waymo self-driving car pulls into a parking lot at the Google-owned company's headquarters in Mountain View, California. (AFP).

The chip-making contract will be executed by Samsung's logic chip development division System LSI's Custom SOC Business Team. Samsung Electronics recently won a project for Google parent Alphabet Inc.'s autonomous driving unit Waymo to develop chips for next-generation self-driving cars, South Korean media reported on Monday.

“We believe we have an opportunity to improve road safety by replacing the human driver with the Waymo Driver." The autonomous driving company added that this is the first time an autonomous startup had shared data on how its system might perform in real-world fatal crashes. In most of the set of virtually recreated fatal accidents, Waymo was able to avoid or mitigate the crashes, the company said.

As Alphabet is advancing with its self-driving car project Waymo, one of the well-funded companies racing to commercialize autonomous vehicle technology, recently announced some achievements. The company said that its technology has the ability to avoid fatal crashes.


What’s another in the pipeline?


Samsung's Exynos Auto chips for future Audi cars

When Samsung became the first memory supplier to join the German auto maker's Progressive SemiConductor Program. NVIDIA is also making bank from its AI-powered infotainment system, thanks to big-name partnerships with Mercedes and (previously) Tesla, before the EV-maker switched to Intel.

Samsung isn't the only tech company chasing the hundreds of billions of dollars up for grabs in the automotive electrical parts industry. Qualcomm's processor, for instance, is the heart of Panasonic's Android-powered vehicle infotainment system.

Feature of Exynos Auto chipset

  • The Exynos Auto V9 is based on 8-nanometer (nm) process tech and comes complete with eight ARM Cortex-A76 cores, offering a max speed of 2.1 GHz.
  • As a result, Samsung is promising premium audio features, multi-screen capabilities (with support for up to six displays and 12 camera connections).
  • In addition, the Exynos Auto packs an ARM Mali G76 GPU, HiFi 4 audio digital signal processor, and an intelligent neural processing unit.

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