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Samsung Patents a Laptop That Folds Twice

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  • Jan 15,2024
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According to a new report by LetsGoDigital, Samsung has patented a new multi-foldable laptop that folds not formerly but doubly. The patent reveals that the concept works with the stoner first folding (ending) their laptop like normal and also folding it formerly again on itself from the center.

The keyboard of the laptop is resolved through the middle with a folding depend placed in between. The screen will presumably use Samsung’s foldable OLED panel that the brand teased before this time. The screen will also have a hinge placed vertically in the middle allowing the device to fold an alternate time with the base of the laptop ending up as the external part of the device on both fronts and back ends.

As a result, you get a square-structured piece of high-tech sandwich that’s much more movable than a regular laptop. One factor to keep in mind would be the laptop’s consistency and it'll effectively twice when fully folded.

Also, another intriguing aspect of this laptop would be its product cost as the tech applied to make it fold doubly presumably won’t come cheap.

Still, the laptop has just got its patent approved which doesn’t inescapably mean Samsung is presently working on this or has a plan to introduce it in the request. Still, the conception does feel interesting and we will keep an eye on it to report any notable developments, so stay tuned.

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