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How to become an Android developer ?


  • Dec 14,2022
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Android development is one of the most popular in the IT sector. A recent survey showed that Android devices account for almost 50% of the global smartphone market. With millions and Android devices, it is obvious that it has a never-ending career. Now let's get started on your career in Android Development.


  • An operating system- Windows/Mac/Linux with minimum 4GB RAM.
  • An IDE/Tools- Android Studio/Eclipse/Visual Studio(For cross=platform apps)
  • Programming Language- Java, Kotlin, C++, C#
  • An Android Phone for testing purposes

We will help you to advance your career in android development and make your first android app. Now you have learned about the basic requirements, let's learn which is the best programming language and tool for your android app.

Programming Language

Become Android Developer

We would prefer that you should go for JAVA. Java is the most widely used language in Android development. Plus, Java has a very large community as compared to other languages. If you don’t have knowledge of Java but if you have strong knowledge of C or C++ follow some Android tutorial easily you will learn Java.

Kotlin is also an upcoming language. Kotlin is designed to interoperate fully with Java, and the JVM version of its standard library depends on the Java Class Library, but type inference allows its syntax to be more concise.

For developers who want to develop a cross-platform app, we would recommend you to learn C#(Native) or Flutter(React Native).

Android Development Tools

For Java developers, Android Studio and Eclipse are two best tools for Android development. Wondering which one to choose?

Let's compare both depending on the major aspects :

1. Code Completion or Hint

The code completion and hint are given by android studio are much better than eclipse. If you are thinking about switching from eclipse to android studio you will never miss eclipse for its Ctrl+space. Also, if you haven't used eclipse and are switching to eclipse, you will surely miss android studio. This feature saves a lot of your precious time and you will never get bored.

2. Interface Design Tool

Designing your application's interface is a lot easier in android studio. Its interface design tool is faster and responds to changes more rapidly. Moreover, it has more customization options and is more user-friendly than the one in eclipse. Beginners will love to design their application's interface with android studio's interface design tool.

3. Build Tools

Both android studio and eclipse use a different type of build systems. After the android studio is launched it takes 2 minutes for loading projects, modules and indexing and 1-2 minute to build your applications for the first time. Eclipse doesn't take that much time to build your application and hence can be said faster and better.

4. Project organisation

Both IDEs work differently in managing and organizing the projects. In eclipse workspace contains the projects. In the android studio, there is a concept of modules. Each module can have its own Gradle build files.


We found Android Studio more easy and efficient to use and its interface better than eclipse. Even though it takes time to build the project for the first time, it's code completion, hints and Interface design tool outweighs that.

Android Development Courses

  • Google provides full guiding material and document you can get from here Android Developers. (Official document of android )
  • If you get easily bored by learning from a document, then don't worry we have a solution for you. You can check out the online courses on Udemy, Udacity, Youtube. You can also learn from your nearby coaching institutes.
  • Stack Overflow- If you have any question or doubt search on StackOverflow. We are sure if you are beginner definitely you will find your all answers. Plus, you can create your account and you can also post your question. If you have the knowledge you can also post your answer and comment on other users question. Here itself you can find the community of Android developer they will help you.
  • Android Weekly - Free weekly Android development newsletter -Follow this site it will keep helping you to update your knowledge about a new feature of Android. Also, here you can find some great useful library.

Besides all these things, it will take a lot of efforts, passion, dedication and persistence to become an expert. All the best and we wish you luck on your path to a successful career in Android Development.

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