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Back-end developer salary: a curious guide to hourly rates in different parts of the world

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  • Aug 17,2022
  • 3 min read
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Backend development is crucial for your team's success. While the front end is what your clients see, the server side should always follow suit. After all, you don't want your app or site to be plagued with security threats, nasty glitches, and data loss, thanks to major shutdowns. In this article, we will talk about backend development and the average backend developer salary. But how to calculate the back-end developer salary accurately and see how much you are willing to pay for a backend or full-stack developer?

Let's find out!

What is backend development?

Before you start thinking about the backend developer hourly rate, you need to know what backend development is. While UI designers create what a user can see, backend developers build code that allows a database and an application to exchange information with one another. Their work is often placed behind the scenes, but these developers are crucial to the success of any digital project.

While the front-end is what visitors see of a website, backend developers are hired to take care of the unseen bits that visitors never notice. They maintain databases, servers, and apps, taking care of all the work behind the scenes while empowering customers via products they can't see.

Average backend developer salary - factors to consider

Backend software developer salary is pretty reliant on some factors, which has been the case for a long time. Let's see which are the main things which will affect wages.


Back-end developers' average salaries vary greatly depending on location. In general, developers in developed countries charge more than those in developing countries. This is because the cost of living and the average salary in developed countries is higher than in developing countries. We don't have to forget another thing. Many skilled developers are already occupied with large companies, which makes backend developers from Western Europe & North America even more expensive.


Backend developers vary in prices based on their skillsets and experience. Usually, experts with years of experience charge more than junior developers just starting. However, both types of developers are essential in creating a well-rounded and functional website or application.


In-house backend developers typically charge more than remote teams. They often want to receive different incentives and performance bonuses. Insurance costs are also a factor to consider.

Average salary ranges

The average salary for backend developers varies depending on the region they are located in. For example, a backend developer in the United States may make more money than a backend developer in India. This is due to the vast difference in the cost of living between the two countries. Let's see some numbers.

North America

North American developers charge around $80-100 per hour on average. However, things can go north if you get more "detailed" in your requirements. Top developers might charge you almost $200 per hour, but if you look carefully, you might find something within $150-160.

Western Europe and Australia/NZ

Backend developers in Western Europe can expect to earn high salaries, although Australia is not far behind in terms of pay. This region is renowned for its high cost of living, so it is no surprise that developers here command high salaries. On average, you can expect to pay around $65-85 per hour, but top-quality developers might charge you up to $140.


Asian backend developers are the cheapest on the list. They cost significantly less than their American and Western European peers. You can find options for even $20, but usually, they cost around $40-50 per hour. But if you get the best talent, you have to expect around $70-75.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe hits the sweet spot. With charges around $60-70 per hour and $80-85 for "top-shelf" developers, it certainly wins many points for investors with its great value for what it offers. While it is still more expensive than what you will pay for an Asian developer, we have to admit the quality output is superior.


The average backend developer salary depends on many different factors, such as location, experience, and expertise. And while you can get an experienced developer in developed countries for a big buck, you don't have to splash a ton of cash if you look elsewhere.

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