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Amazon Team Up For Satellite Broadband

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  • Nov 23,2024
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On Tuesday, Project Kuiper and Verizon announced plans for a satellite-based broadband Internet service that is going to compete with Elon Musk's Star ink system. These two companies are owned by Amazon. 

The target for the network is unserved and underserved populations.

In a statement by Verizon, it is mentioned that both Verizon and project Kuiper has started to develop the technical specifications or features and specify primary commercial models for a range of connectivity services for U.S. consumers and global enterprise customers operating in remote and rural areas all around the world. 

Project Kuiper is a drive to enhance worldwide broadband access with the help of a constellation of 3,236 satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO)around the planet. The system will provide service to schools, businesses, hospitals, households and other organisations where internet access is unavailable or limited. 




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