Xiaomi and Oppo recently introduced Notchless Smartphones, showcasing an invisible front camera. They have achieved this design by turning off the pixels right in front of the camera sensors.

The Mi company posted on its social media channels that it found a solution to make the front camera “disappear”. This will likely end the trend of notches and elevating cameras. According to Xiaomi, the company patented a way to make the display transparent without reflecting light in any way. Because when the screen is completely black the diodes will be off. The company says it can implement a proper 20 MP selfie shooter with the 5P lens under the panel. But the OLED itself also acts like a plastic layer.

The benefits of having a selfie camera under the screen are obvious. The new solution will allow notch-less phone designs without any mechanical parts for cameras. At this moment, we are not sure if the under-display technology is ready for mass release. But the way tech companies are working on it, it would probably arrive by next year.

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