Xiaomi Super turbo Charger

Xiaomi is not a world’s largest mobile phone seller having whole stock clear within a minute. Xiaomi’s 100 watts super turbo charger can also juice up you power hungry within couple of minutes. Over the year we saw lots of developments and evolution in phone chargers.

Lu Weibing, chief of Redmi took the stand and showed the demo of Xiaomi’s Super Charge Turbo technology. This demo video is posted to Chinese social media Weibo.

A phone charging isn’t exactly fascinating footage. But, the 39-second time-lapse video does offer the exciting prospect of waiting just 17 minutes to fully charge a phone. Well, we think it worthwhile to wait just 17 minutes and get whole day ready enough phone battery.

In the showcased demo, Xiaomi charged a 4000 mAh battery in just phase of 17 minutes. In comparison to their rival Oppo’s SuperVOOC fast charging in the market, phone with 3700 mAh battery, takes 36 Minutes to juice up completely.

It is expected that the charger block will be massive since the power it serves in high amount. The charging block will be having pack protection to safeguard its device from bursting and exploding. Xiaomi also has to work to keep the device temperature cool during the charging process.

Do you think xiaomi will be able to stand ahead of all its rival brands? Is it even possible to charge phone over a 100 watts charger? Let us know in comment below also drop it in on our social media.

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