BlueStacks a popular application for a desktop to run Android Application on a Windows PC, ever wondered if you can run Windows applications on an Android Device.

So, here is the solution.

We have Wine application for you which helps you all to run a Windows-like interface on any Android Device without rooting your device.

Wine Interface

Codeweavers has made it possible by building apk version of Wine 3.0, which can be directly installed on your device without any complications.
Once you have downloaded Wine application from here, you will see an interface of something matching to Windows User Interface. Besides this, you have to note that according to Android police Wine may not be fully compatible with some of the devices in the market.

In Wine application, you should not look at your device specification as they do not matter here, as no apps are bundled with application moreover you have to connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse as soft keys are not fully supported i.e. they will not immediately appear on the screen when tapping on blank spaces to fill some information.

You should give a try as it brings a Windows-like User Interface on an Android device without rooting, it may not work as you are expecting but you should at least have look at this application it provides Windows-like User Interface without having your device to be rooted. You can Download it from here: DOWNLOAD