WhatsApp is the one of the most popular messaging application with over billions of active monthly users. As the Facebook owned company offers numbers of features to it users.


One of the most effective update of WhatsApp from last year was ability of user to delete the sended message. WhatsApp call this feature to ‘Delete for Everyone’ and pop up with a message to ‘delete for me‘ or ‘delete for all‘ by the user side.

As update rolled last year, WhatsApp allows its users to delete the message sent within seven minutes by deleting it for the sender as well as receiver.As WhatsApp said deleted messages can be retained as soon as the receiver gets the message or at any point between seven minutes, after which the message cannot be deleted.

How to Retrieve Deleted Message?

One of the way To retain Deleted Message simply by selecting that particular messages and sending it as a quoted text. So, even after the sender deletes the original message, there is an option to view them in the form of quote. It is not clear whether this is a bug or is it meant to work the that way.

WhatsApp works on end-to-end encryption of sending messages, and the company says that the messages are deleted from its server end as soon as the sender deletes them for everyone.While WhatsApp says that a message can only be deleted within seven minutes of it being sent.

Some says that the messages exist as a notification in the device’s notification log and can be accessed using some third party, Notification’s log application.