We are at the end of the year 2017, apart from this ending we have achieved a lot of things in our day to day life. Here we are talking about our lifeline i.e MOBILES especially Smartphones. Everyone out there is using a smartphone and have many Applications loaded onto there phones. Whosoever is using a smartphone must a have an Application called WhatsApp which is a messaging App owned by Facebook Inc.
So let us look at the back in this year, how WhatsApp has evolved i.e. what are those exciting features which make WhatsApp more interesting to use.

1. WhatsApp Status.

We all are a good fan of WhatsApp status. One or the other way we use it. In the starting WhatsApp introduces a status feature which is valid for 24hrs from the time of posting, later WhatsApp also introduces Written with the same valid period.
WhatsApp Features

2. Picture Editing tool.

As WhatsApp is a messaging, so it is obvious that we can share our clicks also.
What WhatsApp has done with this feature is that it includes inbuilt Photo Editing tool which makes editing before sharing handier.
WhatsApp Features

3. Picture-in-Picture

After the release of Android Oreo most fantasizing is the Picture-in-Picture mode, which enables us to use two apps at the same making window of other on smaller to fit at on the corner of the screen.
WhatsApp Features

4. Live Location sharing.

We all care for our family members and loved ones. So here is one new implementation in WhatsApp this year i.e. now we can share our location with the person to whom we are texting. It is handy when you want someone to reach your original location without any confusion.


WhatsApp Features

5. Delete for everyone.

Initially, WhatsApp has normal delete functionality by which you can only delete the delivered message from your side only, but in this year WhatsApp introduced a feature called DELETE FOR EVERYONE.
Thanks to this, now we are free from unwanted text delivery. This feature also us to Delete delivered message from both the side within a time of 7 mins, that means we are free to delete wrongly sent message from others side too.
WhatsApp Features
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