A recent report states that there are more than 11 million false businesses that can be hiding in plain sight on Google Maps. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in their latest study also found that “The majority of business listing on Google Maps is Fake”. These are the locations that are more prone to scams like car towing services, contractors and many more.

A study found out that approximately 13 out of 20 top Google search is listed as a false address. There are only a few of then that adhered to Google guidelines. The company says that they are implementing new methods to rectify this problem. 

It is like a cat and mouse chase. Ethan Russell, product director for Google Maps added that as shut them down, they change their technique and the cycle continues.

Google adds more than 200 million places to its map service each month. They also claim to “connect people to businesses more than nine billion times, including more than one billion phone calls and three million requests for directions”.

Generally, Google verifies if a business is legal by calling, emailing or by mailing a postcard to the address. But scammers have somehow cracked this system to bypass with their fake address and phone numbers. Genuine businesses and customers are one that took the most damage.

Google is currently searching for new ways to shut these frauds business and check on every suspicious one. Till then, you should stay alert and don’t become a victim of this.

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