What is Bottlenecking? Is it something related to bottle or neck or combination of both.

So we have the answer.

We all have PC’s with great hardware specifications such as intel core i7 8700k with 16GB of ddr4 ram with no dedicated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), but after having all this you may have faced issues while running some of the heavy games and have wondered what is wrong.

Actually here the GPU is the limiting part of the specification required for running the game, this is same for any heavy software also.

Above we have discussed an example in which GPU is bottlenecking the hardware of PC.

Let us take an example in which we have the highest performing GPU (for instance Nvidia GTX1080ti) but another specification as Intel i3 5100 with 4GB of DDR3 RAM, here processor may become the bottlenecking factor for the PC.
Hence it depends upon scenario to scenario where which component of PC will be bottlenecking the System.

Bottle necking

For better understanding let us consider an example from day to day life. Let us take a bottle for instance.
Consider the lower of the bottle as your Powerful hardware component in a particular case and the upper neck portion be the limiting part.
When we pour water (here Powerful component) from the bottle the amount of water or liquid which can come out of the bottle depends upon the size (diameter) of the neck. Similarly, the bottlenecking of system works, the bottom is the total potential of the system and the upper portion is the limiting factor.


Bottlenecking is not always due to the hardware part of the system sometimes is also due to Software which we are using. It greatly depends on the fact that whether the software we are using is capable of using the full potential of the hardware components or not.