Ways to wish New Year

Tomorrow is the first day of the year. A New Year is celebrated almost like a festival. Everyone feels happy to share their love and affection to family and friends. There are many ways to wish New Year to your loved ones. We all use quotes to greet them. So, we think this time you should have some new ways to do that. We have listed some apps and apps feature that you can use to greet them. These features or apps will help you to wish all your friends and family a very Happy New Year.

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Ways to Wish New Year

1. WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp Stickers is a new feature introduced in the year 2018. You can create your own stickers and send them to your loved ones. They will be glad to see some fancy stickers which are totally customised by you. You can create stickers from individual pictures. These pictures can be yours with the other person. You can easily create Customised WhatsApp Stickers and wish your family member.

Learn About WhatsApp Custom Stickers

2. WhatsApp auto reply

WhatsApp auto-reply is an exclusive feature of WhatsApp business. This auto reply will help those who get many wishes from their contacts. You can set the auto-reply message. Every time you get a message the recipient will automatically gets a reply with greetings of the new year.

To set this auto reply thing.

  1. Go to WhatsApp Business
  2. Then go to Business Settings
  3. Away Message.

Work-around the settings according to your preference. Though it is meant for business purpose you can use it according to your need.

3. Instagram Voice Note

This is most useful for those who use Instagram to share things. Instagram has tonnes of things or ways in which you can wish a new year. It has text messages, quotes pictures and now it also has voice notes. You can use any of them to share your love with your loved ones.

Moreover, you can see about Instagram voice note here. This voice note is the fresh feature added to Instagram.

Learn About Instagram Voice Note

4. Bitmoji

Bitmoji App is an AR Sticker building app. This App will create stickers that will resemble your face. You can create stickers easily which resembles your face. Moreover, this app has many sections in which your created sticker will be placed. For example Hi, Bye, Laugh etc. Similarly, it has a greeting section that may help you out with this New Year. So, download Bitmoji and start sharing your love. Further, you can also integrate it with Gboard. This means you can share these stickers anywhere.

To integrate Gboard and Bitmoji.

  1. First Download Bitmoji
  2. Create you Avatar or sticker in Bitmoji
  3. In Gboard go to Stickers section.
  4. You can clearly see an option to integrate Bitmoji and Gboard.

5. Gboard Stickers

Google this year has included native sticker support. Gboard same as Bitmoji features a native AR Sticker maker. This works same as that of Bitmoji. The difference is that you are not using any third party application.

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