Nowadays we all have smartphones which have way too much storage capacity. This results in collecting some garbage applications on our phones. As jio is providing free internet, so most of the people don’t think about what they are downloading. This causes a lot of problems in modern. so we have lined up some applications which you must have to uninstall from your smartphone effective immediately.

1. Security Apps

These apps claim to protect your smartphone from virus and optimising the performance. But there is nothing like a virus in a smartphone, so what is this app is protecting you from?? And it did not even optimise your phone it just eats the ram and storage from your phone.

Some users also claimed in altering performance after downloading this application.

Moreover, these kinds of apps ask for permissions which are not necessary for their work. some of these types are even been removed by google in offence of manipulating the ads. like battery boosters or antivirus apps and many of these type of apps.

2. Cheetah Mobile

This is not an app but a huge company which deals with most of the apps which are being removed by google. The applications which are being removed are doing the business in bad faith.

These are the apps owned by cheetah mobile, most of them fake the work and deals with your personal data.

Reports say that cheetah mobile buys apps and sells your personal data collecting by them. Some of these applications even ask for your bank details. We recommend you to delete these apps from your phone, for your own safety.

3. Browsers

People nowadays use weird browsers as search engines. some browser helps third party company to manipulate the ads on your screen which is eventually a very big crime. some examples are Uc Browser and Dolphin browser.

Uc browser was even once removed by the play store but it found a way to get back. But it is not necessary to use a browser which is being accused of selling data.

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