Recently, Synaptics has announced a fingerprint reader for smartphones that is most likely to be installed under the screen. The Company said a Tier 1 manufacturer would introduce the first phone with the scanner at CES 2018.

VIVO Under display fingerprint

Moreover, recently VIVO also confirmed all the rumors regarding the scanner also shows a prototype at Las Vegas and hence became the first company in the world to implement this technology in a smartphone.

The sensor will be placed in between mainboard and OLED panel so that it will illuminate the finger and then process the beams of light.

Alex Feng, Senior VP at VIVO said in a press that by implementing this type of technology in a smartphone, this will make authentication process more convenient. The phone is ready for Mass production in early 2018.


There will be no compromise on the security level i.e. the security level will be same as seen in different flagship devices like VIVO X20 and Samsung Galaxy S8, assured by Synaptics.