Watch Dog Legion, the third series of Watch Dogs will be released on 6th March 2020. The Whole series is based on an open world hacking-action series. Ubisoft declared this during the company’s conference at E2 2019 in LA, US.

In the event, Ubisoft showcased the game trailer and 11 minutes of gameplay video. Watch Dogs Legion is set in dystopian, hyper-surveilled London in the wake of Brexit. Instead of a single character, it lets the player take control of other characters with different skill sets.

Ubisoft said that each character has “a persistent schedule and backstory.” and you can recruit them to the hacker group DedSec. Convincing character to fight “criminals, a corrupt private military corporation, and an oppressive surveillance state amidst a collapsed government.”

Ubisoft also released their Game Subscription service at E3 and going into a subscription business. Watch Dogs Legion will also available on Ubisoft UPlay Plus service. The game will also be available on Google stadia Cloud Based gaming service later next year.

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