Rather than selling the gaming title to each gamer separately. Game development companies are moving to game subscription business. Ubisoft announced their new gaming subscription service UPlay Plus for PC gamers and Google’s Stadia at E3 2019 conference. This subscription plan will support more than 100 Ubisoft published titles. This service is coming up on September 3rd. This is subscription plan is designed in the same way that of Microsoft’s Xbox game pass and EA access.

Gamers will pay a flat monthly subscription fee for unlimited access of games. You can then download and play however much you like. Ubisoft plan is little bit expensive than competitors. This subscription plan will cost $14.99 per month. Looking at these price point EA/ Origin access offer with price of around $4.99 per month and $29.99 per year. Microsoft sells Xbox Game pass for $9.99 on both console an PC. This service will grant access to all downloadable content of games.

Ubisoft UPlay Plus and Google Stadia
Ubisoft and Google Stadia come together later this year.

Ubisoft UPlay Plus subscription plan benefits. This subscription is coming up with Google Stadia project. As we all know that Google is offering its own subscription service, which is coming up in November. Which is just about $9.99 for a monthly plan. To know more about Google Stadia, you can check our post explaining about the whole service.

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