Ways To Boost Wi-Fi

WiFi may be the main thing which we use daily to connect to the Intenet. Internet nowadays is the most important thing in our life. Internet today means everything for this generation. Today, almost everything is connected to the Internet and to access this we need a connection. Earlier we use the Wired connection for the Internet and since WiFi come is here we are using it to surf Internet Wirelessly. Having a fast connection is like living in heaven. We love to have a faster connection. WiFi in this plays a crucial role. WiFi Speed in this matter a lot. There are some ways by which you can Boost Wifi Speed. The list shows Ways on How to Boost Wifi Speed.

How to Boost WiFi Speed

1. Select a Good Place for Your Router

Placement for better wifi Speed

Placement plays an important role in Wifi Speed. Not all places are equally suitable for your router. WiFi uses Electromagnet waves to transfer data. Objects in the transmission reduce the efficiency to the wave. To start with you should avoid placing WiFi near a cluster of objects. Ideally, you also want to keep a safe distance from electric wires. To cover an area with an even WiFi signal, you should place your WiFi router roughly in the centre. You can slightly boost wifi signal by elevating the router above the floor level. 

2. Limit Number of Users

How to boost speed easily

More the number users the lesser Wifi Speed you will get. In order to Boost WiFi, you should limit the number of users to the WiFi SSID. Suppose, you Wifi support 100 Mbps of link speed and you have a 50 Mbps plan. There are 10 users connected then each will get a link speed of 10 Mbps. As the link speed is lower than the plan so you will not get the optimum WiFi Speed.

You can use Guest Network to Share your Wifi for a short time. This Guest Network is time bounded. After a period of time, this guest network will get closed. Guest Network is really useful when you have guests in your house and you need to share your Wifi with them.

3. Switch to 5 GHz

The 5 GHz wireless frequency provides faster data rates at shorter distances and is typically much less busy than the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency. If your router supports it, consider switching to it for an instant short-range speed boost.

4. Use Repeater

Boost wifi Speed

Unless you live in a single room or studio apartment, the router provided by your ISP will not be able to provide coverage through the house. You can swap out the existing router for a more powerful one but a simpler and cheaper way is to use a repeater. This takes the Wi-Fi signal from your router and ‘repeats’ it to improve coverage area.

The WPS method is the simplest way to connect a repeater: Enable WPS on the router and press the WPS button on the repeater. Everything is automatically configured in just a minute. There are several options available from D-Link, NetGear, TP-Link priced at Rs 1,000 onwards.

If you have an old (but functional) router lying around, you may also be able to use it as a repeater — though this requires a bit of configuration in the settings page.

5. Switch to a Different WiFi Channel

Boost Wifi by Channel

Just like lanes on a highway. There are channels in Wifi too. Most countries have six non-overlapping channels (1, 6, 11, and 14), many users leave their router set on the default channel, which is usually either Channel 1 or Channel 6. Due to a default setting of the channel, there is congestion on Channel 1 or 6. This congestion results in lower Wifi speed. To Boost Wifi speed you need to try out different channels from the list given to you. You can find the channel list on the DNS page of your router which is usually This DNS is printed on your WiFi box.

6. Use the Latest WiFi Technologies

Wifi Speed

As we clearly know the latest technology brings new features and enhancements. The newest wireless technology, IEEE 802.11ac, offers superior download and upload speeds as well as improved range compared to older WiFi technologies, such as IEEE 802.11b, g, and others. To take the advantage you should cross check that your router and the wireless device supports the new Wifi Standards.

7. Change your WiFi password regularly

How to Boost WiFi Speed

WIFi password changing is a good thing. You should change your passwords regularly. Apart from WiFi, this password changing thing is good everywhere where you have a password login.

You might have also shared the password with friends during a party and your neighbours could have the password too. This means someone could be stealing your Wi-Fi, leading to slow speeds and your monthly limits being crossed quickly. The best way to avoid this is to change your Wi-Fi password regularly – once in 6 months should be good enough for most users.

These are ways by which you can easily boost WiFi speed at your own level.

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