Top 7 Best Apps to kill time 2018 (Use these Apps to Prevent Boredom)

We all work hard to get success. We do many things to progress in life. But, at some moment in life, we have spare time. In that time span, we do not have any work to do. We start feeling bored. So, we have 7 Best Apps to kill time and prevent Boredom. These apps will help you get your time killed. Though killing extra time is not a good habit but if you have nothing to do then you can try these Apps. These apps will prevent you from getting bored.

You can do many things online to prevent boredom. Though we have collected some fun apps and games that would help you to enjoy your free time.

Apps to kill time and have fun

 1. YouTube

The most popular app from Google let you kill your boredom along with providing knowledge. YouTube will entertain you and also provide knowledge of different things if you wish to. YouTube is the topmost app to spend your extra time. You can use this app to not only entertain yourself have let you spend your time wisely.

2. Flow Free

Flow free a fun game that will help you boost your mind in your free time. This will tune your mind for performing better later on. This is a brain teaser game. In this, you have to join same color dots with a continuous “Flow” of line.

3. 2048

2048 the most popular brain tunning game. I personally use this game in my free time whenever I get bored. In this game, you have to make “2048” number to win. Though you can make more than 2048 according to your brain performance. But the main objective of the game is to make “2048”.

4. Bubble Wrap

We all have purchased things online. You would remember that the packing contains Bubble wrap. We all are fond of popping them when we get our product. Moreover, sometimes I start popping them without looking at the product I ordered. This “Bubble Wrap” App or Game whatever it is, provide you to pop the bubble wrapping virtually in many different ways. So go and check it out.

5. Anony Chat

All of us like someone to talk in our free time. We share things with them. This “Anony Chat” App let you connect with people of your type and let you chat with them anonymously. The basic principle of this app is that Conversation is the best way of killing boredom.

6. Paperama

Origami a popular paper folding art. This “Paperama” App is based on Origami art. This App will let you learn some origami art in 3D effect. This app is good for those whose love paper folding art. If you are one of them, do give it a try.

7. MEME Generator

Memes are getting popular over the time. We see many memes and react to them on Social media. Why not make your own meme and get it viral over social media? This “Meme Generator” App will provide you variety of fonts and design to create a good meme.


These are some apps and games to kill your boredom. We are thinking why not getting money in your free time. We have one app for you to look upon. This is “Vigo Video” App which will provide you money when you upload any video. Moreover, it has a lot of videos to entertain you.
Apps like these are getting popular as they effectively help you to use your time.

Apps like “StumbleUpon“, “Digg“,”Medium” etc are blog type websites which will provide you with some cool knowledge about your interest area. These will help you to get some updated news and facts.

So these are all 7 apps to kill time and prevent your boredom. Do comment your own way to do the same.


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