Grammarly is an awesome application for bloggers, article writers or anyone who have a work of writing. But if you are reading his article it simply means that you have some issues with the app. But whatever be the reason, we have prepared a list for top 7 alternatives for you.

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is the close competitor of Grammarly as it provides most of the features at a cheaper rate. It has both free and premium versions. Like Grammarly, it offers plenty of writing styles. Such as general, business and academic, blog post, etc. It also provide US, UK, and general English as choosable language.

You can easily incorporate it into your browser easily, by signing in. After which the logo of this spell checker will be there everytime you write a text. It helps in typing on Gmail, WordPress, Facebook,Twitter and even can be integrated with the MS Office and google docs.

It’s Premium version costs you $60 for a year and $210 for a lifetime subscription. The plans are supported with a 14 day money back guarantee. Check out ProWriting Aid here.

As an alternative it will be a perfect and surely a cheaper option.

2. Ginger

Ginger is another quite brilliant tool among bloggers, teachers and students due to efficient outcomes.Ginger provides a bit more convinience as it is available for windows, iOS, Android, chrome, Safari, and Mac. It even helps you while using the search bar on websites like YouTube.

Along with its availability in different languages, it translates your documents in 40 other languages. You can search for the meaning of the word and rephrase the sentence according to it. A premium version has a pronunciation feature also.

Their are two versions of it Free and Premium. For an annual plan, Grammarly charge $11.66/month while Ginger costs $7.49/month. Check out Ginger here

3. JetPack

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin. It is the most famous plugin on WordPress. becuase this one tool can deliver numerous benefits such as tracking your site traffic, improve security, free themes, and much more. It’s Proofreading feature is quite famous among the WordPress bloggers.

After installing the plugin you have to write your content and press the jetpack icon when you are done. It will mark your mistakes as red and present the correct word in green. Moreover, it also provides the explanation for the mistakes.

The tool can proofread the posts written in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French. And the best thing about this tool is that you get the best features without paying a penny. Check out JetPack here.

4. HemingWay

Hemingway focuses on the readability of the text. It grades your writing on the basis of readability. It marks the different problem with different colours. It tells about the sentences which are hard to read and provides a simple version to write it.

The Hemingway editor also has multiple options like headings, bold, italic, bullets, and inserting the links, etc. While on the other hand, the Grammarly editor does not allow the user to insert the links or paste a text with hyperlinks. Hemingway is not an effective tool for grammatical mistakes. Although, it’s a great tool for enhancing the readability of your articles.

For use this on your PC you have to buy it which will costs you $19.99. Besides, it can be used in WordPress or the Medium editor. CHeck out, Hemingway.

5. Reverso

If you are searching for a web-based proofreading tool, then Reverso is for you. They developed an extension for Chrome users, but there is no desktop, Android, or iOS app. It may not find the advanced errors but it is good for finding the basic mistakes.

It has integrated dictionary along with conjugate and synonym options. Reverso supports many languages an can translate you text in different languages. You must have to use their chrome extension if you are facing language barrier while reading article. Check out, Reverso.

6. 1Checker

1Checker is one of the best alternatives of grammarly. It is available for both Windows and Mac devices. The program works on the Natural language processing system which is a combination of computer science and Artificial language.

It uses graphs to tell about the percentage of mistakes. The tool simply highlights the errors and presents the tips below words. They also display the explanation of the flagged words on the sidebar. If you don’t want to review every error, then just hit “Apply all” for an automatic correction. Check Out, 1Checker.

It is a free program like the Grammarly free version to detect basic mistakes. It can be helpful for eliminating wordiness, spelling errors, and structural changes.

7. Slick Write

The slick write is a perfect alternative of Grammarly because in my knowledge it is better than it. First of all, use their editor for writing or just paste the text. Now hit check from the sidebar. The tool will point out various elements from your paragraphs such as redundant sentences, passive voice, transition words, adverbs, and common starting words, etc.

When you select a word, you can found everything about it using slick write. Like you can find its meaning thesaurus as well as Google and Wikipedia where you can find all the information about it.

You can also increase the readability of your text by using its sentence feature. This feature will shorten your long sentences and tells you about the readability in graph format.

This is a Free tool and did not have any paid version of it till now.

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