Window 10 features

Windows 10 is the most popular operating system. There are many users who use Windows 10 on their PC. Windows keeps on improving day by day. There are many improvements we can see from years. There are many features which are included in Windows. Now, Windows 10 is the latest version from Windows. Recently, Windows announces new Windows 10 features that are listed as Light Theme Feature. The update is also known as Windows 10 October update.

Windows 10 Features Light Theme

1. Lighter Windows

Windows 10 Features

The system colour will be lighter than the current theme and you will be able to see and feel the difference. Unlike the current theme, everything on the user interface will be light. This includes the Start menu, touch keyboard, Action centre, and many other components. Microsoft also revealed that the new theme will come with a default wallpaper. However, Microsoft revealed that they are still working on improving the light colour experience. The hope to light up all the components of the theme so that the users will have a more refined experience.

2. Windows snip feature

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While browsing we sometimes need to take a part of the screen and save it for further use. For this, Windows provide snipping tool. This tool helps in taking a part of the screen as an image and save it for later use. In this latest release of Windows 10, this snipping feature is improved. Now it saves the snipped window automatically. and then you can edit it. This reduces the time in saving the snip as it is.

3. Intelligent active hours

Windows 10 FeatureThe new theme comes with Intelligent Active Hour setting. This setting lets the Windows know when to reboot and when not to reboot. The Windows can also adjust the active hours depending on the activity of your device.

4 Varying brightness depending on the battery power

In the earlier versions, while switching power supplies from battery to AC or vice versa. The display brightness gets changed, it either dims or gets brighten up. In this update, this will get eliminated. In this Windows 10 light theme, the change in display brightness will get eliminated and Window will keep the display settings intact.

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