DSLR cameras tend to be more expensive, so you have to take into account some factors as there are many points to watch for during your choice.

There are several models in the market, of different brands, weights, compatibility of accessories, indications and functions. Take into consideration the points listed below to observe before choosing which model to buy. Best Cameras under $300 and Best Point and Shoot Camera under 300 is amazing. To know more about the tips of DSLR camera do find here at No Fluff Tech

1. What will be the use of the camera?

DSLR cameras are usually heavy, do not fit in any compartment and need care when transported. In the market, there are models with lighter body and backpacks with specific compartments for transporting cameras and accessories. If the user is on the road, consider buying a model that comes with a lens that will serve several situations, so you do not have to change all the time without losing a single moment.

2. Warranty and Technical Assistance

Despite the diversity of brands and prices, remember that you are buying an expensive device – it defies very cheap brands – and it requires care. When choosing a brand, although you do not expect to use it, look for a history of hidden problems or defects in the model and look for post-purchase service, technical assistance in your city, warranty time and what it covers.

3. Durability of components

When choosing the model, it is important to observe the material that the camera is made, because when acquiring a DSLR, it is common for the buyer to spend a lot of time with the camera, transporting for different occasions and giving several clicks of the buttons. Look for the fragility in the body and find out how long your camera will last; which is measured by the number of clicks.

4. Lenses

DSLR cameras have the possibility of changing lenses as a differential, to take pictures at different times. When acquiring a camera one must observe the diversity of Lenses available and the average price of each brand. The nozzles are distinct, for each brand, the one lens will not fit into another, so it is worth observing the prices and availability of accessories before purchasing the camera.

5. How much do you want to invest?

In the world of cameras, the sky is the limit, in addition to the camera body, there is the purchase of lenses and accessories like flash and tripod. Try to buy cameras that already come with a lens and even a specific carry bag, since the accessories usually have their price and the total sum ends up being a great investment. If your focus is not professional, photography is not your livelihood, go easy on the purchase and look for a cheaper camera, there is no need for a top-of-the-line model.