Android updates are the most awaited thing by the users. Being an Android user will keep on thinking for the latest updates from the manufacturers. This is because we get some greatly improved features for our devices.

So, here are some features that you will get in the future if you are on Android 10 or Android Q update list.

Upcoming Android Features

1. Dark Mode

You will get dark mode in each and every application. So, now do not wait for the developer of the app to provide dark mode.

2. Refined Location Services

Location Sharing Android

You will control your location permission more accurately. When an app asks for location, you will have 3 choices. First, Allow all time. Second, Allow only in use and last is deny. On the basis of your liking, you can set permissions. Now there is no need to keep allowing the location permission.

3. Fast Sharing options

Sharing options in Android

We will not be having that lagging sharing options. As you may have noticed that when you tap on share it takes some time to process. In upcoming updates, this reduced drastically and we have faster-sharing options.

4. Newer themes

Themes in Android

Stock Android is known for its simplicity. But now we may get some theme options. Don’t get excited, this will only let you change the ascent color and stuff in your Android UI.

5. Improved Codecs

New Codecs in Android

With Android 10 will be having improved videos and audio codec. This means that Android will support more video and audio formats, making previous ones extremely smooth.

6. Dedicated UI for Foldable Devices

Dual Screen in Android

We have seen Samsung showcase its first foldable device. So, for these productive devices, Android will have dedicated UI for such devices. This will surely help manufacturers such as Samsung to implement this concept in a better way.