The Biggest Trade war in history- USA v/s China


A Trade is war going on between the USA and China. Trump (US’s President) was looking on the Chinese business tactics since 2016. As a result he increases the tariffs on Chinese product. In return China did the same thing with US products(certainly with different numbers, and we are talking about billion dollars here). Which causes all the trade war to be started. Both the 2 countries are talking about this but till now no satisfactory result is coming out.

This War increases its impact when tech giants like Google – The world’s largest search engine , Huawei – world’s second largest smartphone producers and Facebook – world’s largest social media network jumps into it.

Impact on the Technology Giants

Chinese products are getting banned in the USA with strict notice. US govt sought to blacklist the Huawei from all over the globe. Which causes a dispute among Google and Huawei, as a result, Google refuses to give access to its pre-install phone apps like – Gmail, youtube and many more. Huawei responded to it by announcing new smartphones in December without the google owned apps. Reports tell that they might be bonding with the Aptoide for app download in mobiles.

After Google, Huawei has another dispute recently with the largest social media network, Facebook. Facebook won’t allow Huawei to pre-install its apps on smartphones anymore, Reuters is reporting. It’s the latest example of Western tech companies cutting ties with the beleaguered Chinese telecom giant after President Trump issued an effective trade ban against it.

Facebook dealt with Huawei in some different ways. Google agreed on downloading the apps from the play store on the phones which are in use or are being processed in the factory. Which causes no trouble to the consumer. But Facebook denied it. It strictly banned the pre-install on any phone which had not left the factory.

Now, There will be no inconvenience to the phone users till now. But, Huawei smartphone will not be able to pre-install the apps or using facebook. They have to make some third party apps. Which will be getting a download on the phones from a third party source.

This is the Biggest Trade war in History.

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